Battle of the Bulge!

Several weeks ago I had mentioned about my desire to lose a few of those pesky annoying extra pounds that even with my running three times a week doesn’t seem to be going away. Perhaps some of you may be experiencing the same thing, but if you’re not, I’m all the happier for you. See my problem is, how do I put it, oh yeah “Chocolate, ice cream, and Starbucks coffee”. The three loves of my life, only second to Alex and my kids of course.

On March 7th, I bought an iPhone app Weight Bot ( to track my weight loss. My starting weight was 164 lbs. I wanted to weigh myself weekly in the AM and track my progress if any. I had been around 164 every since my youngest was born now she will be 2 years old next month. With everyone around me shedding their poundage I needed to take action. I decided to “commit” to a lifestyle change. I decided to say no to second-hand helpings and no to chocolate every day. I realized that it felt good to feel hungry and not just to eat when it was time to eat. I actually felt great. So much so that I decided to weigh myself again 5 days later on March 12th. Again, in the AM and in the buff. To my overwhelming surprise the scale read 159.8. I had to re-weigh myself again just to be sure. I was more than ecstatic! My hard work of self-control had paid off and I was feeling great.

The weekend was tough for me. We always have a big family get together after church and everyone brings a dish to share, so I honestly wasn’t as committed. On Sunday we went for a 6 mile run and that made my meal feel more like I deserved a break from the self-control that I had exhibited the previous week.

It was Monday again and I needed to refocus my efforts of self-control. I kept reminding myself to take smaller portions, eat only when hungry, and above all “NO SWEETS.” On Tuesday March 16th I weighed myself again at 158.2.

Now, unfortunately the days turned into weeks and I had gotten busy with our house sale, moving sale and a trip to Canada to visit friends that I had left my “Commitment” plan slightly behind. I had become disappointed in myself especially when I came back from vacation. Because as you all know, vacations are not made for losing weight actually the exact opposite, at least for me. I felt bloated, constipated, and above all defeated by my own self will. I decided not to get back on the scale until I settled back into my daily routines back home.

I am happy to announce that I am back in the game again. I weighed myself this morning at 160lbs. Obviously not as great at 158lbs, but then again it isn’t 164. I know this will be a journey of up and downs for me, but as long as I stay true to myself and my goals and achieve them slowly, this will only strengthen my journey.

4 responses to “Battle of the Bulge!

  1. The FREE LoseIt! app is great. Complete food journal and every thing. Check it out!

    • Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. I have that app too. I used it for a while and then stopped. I should retry using it again. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. I’m in the same boat. I keep derailing myself, not running as much as I should, eating the wrong foods, eating too much, etc. My weight keeps hovering around 255 which is still 15 lbs lighter than when I started running, but is also 45 lbs from my target weight. Make you a deal, you keep at it and so will I. 🙂

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