The Battle Continues..

It has been a while since I have talked about the “Bulge Battle.” I am happy to report that I am still heading in the right direction. A few things that I have changed to help me on my journey. I now workout on my days off from running. In the past, I just ran three times a week and that was it. I thought that running would be enough, since before running I basically did nothing. However, I quickly realized that it wasn’t. The other thing that I altered was my diet. Since my eldest daughter was diagnosed with several food allergies: wheat, soy, and nuts. I decided to cut out these things from my diet as well to help her through this process. I do eat nuts for protein on occasion, but we have eliminated wheat products which are mainly breads and pastas. I have also been trying to eliminate sugars from my diet only, which, let me tell you, is not easy but I am trying. Honestly, I don’t even crave the bread and pasta anymore.

In light of all these changes is when I found a new routine for working out. I figured running wasn’t getting me the results I wanted. I started to do circuit training with and/or without weights to help me boost up my cardio while also doing some strength training. Since doing circuit training on my days off from running I have noticed that my running pace and distances have increased. The great thing about circuit training is that I can do it anywhere and my kids join in when I do jumping jacks and kicks. It’s real fun watching them workout with me!

I have seen so many benefits in this new workout program that I just had to share it not only in this blog but to everyone else who wanted to workout the same way. I spoke to Alex and together we started brainstorming. I am happy to announce that we are developing a “Circuit Trainer” app. It will have the same simple user interface that you have come to love with all of our running apps, but with a few bonus features.

I know “Circuit Trainer” will help you with your running goals including strengthening, increasing endurance and weight loss. I can say this because I have seen results in myself. The “Circuit Trainer” app should be up and running soon. I will be posting the app’s features soon so stay tuned.

Now that I have told you how excited I am about, “Circuit Trainer” and how well it worked for me I can tell you that I am now 157.4 pounds and maintaining my weight. I am 6.6 pounds down from my starting weight and 12.4 pounds from my goal weight.

If you are struggling with weight loss lets cheer each other on!

Here are pictures from WeightBot with my progress so far.

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