Bluefin Software, LLC

We made it official, earlier this year Alex and I formed an LLC for our RunHelper apps and now you can see our new name, Bluefin Software, LLC in the iTunes Store.

We thought this may cause some confusion since everyone knows Alex Stankovic as the creator. You might have even heard your friends and co-workers tell you that they don’t see the app created by Alex Stankovic that you recommended. Now you can tell them our new name and continue to tell others about the app that is helping you get into shape.

Again I can’t thank you all so much for being great loyal customers. We appreciate your feedback and your continued support in providing the best running/training programs for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Again, all of our growth comes from you guys. If you love our app please continue to FB, Tweet, and post a review

6 responses to “Bluefin Software, LLC

  1. Just started using c25k, why is it miles, and how do I change it to km?

    • Hi Gabes,
      Thanks for writing. The current version doesn’t support metric units
      but we are already working on it and it will be available in update
      version 3.2.

      • Thanks Tanya, I just assumed with the title that you would be in metric system. Doesn’t change the training though, just means us non-imperialists can comprehend how fast and far we’ve gone.

  2. Congrats on the new name and the growing business!

    Forgive mgr if this had been asked and answered elsewhere, but are there any plans for an android version of this app?

    I very much enjoyed it on my iphone, but now that I’ve upgraded to an android phone I really miss it. I’m actually keeping the iphone around just for running, but I’d prefer to just carry one device.

    Thank you again to you both for an awesome application.

    • Thanks for your post. We are in talks with Android developers to make the app available for their mobile platform. We will keep you posted.

      • Tanya,
        You guys sneaked an Android version out to the Android Market, didn’t you? 🙂
        I was telling someone about C25K and telling them about the awesome iPhone app you guys have here, but that I wasn’t really thrilled AT ALL with the current Android offerings. So I decided to see if there were any new players since I last checked, and lo and behold – C25K by Bluefin Software! Yay.. I see you’ve had some growing pains with it, but you’ve been actively addressing them. Also looks like it’s a subset of the iPhone features – but hopefully in time those will two will be more in sync. Thank You, Thank You for bringing this to Android.

        One last thing, why no mention of an Android version on the website or the blog? Trying to work out kinks before you push it?

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