Success Story: Jo

Everyone loves a success story. They motivate and inspire us to push through those difficult days during our training. I know it helps me get my butt in gear. That’s why whenever we hear of a success story we are eager to share it with our readers.

A few days ago we got a support email that began like this:

This isn’t really a support email, it is a huge thank you email. Attached are my before and after pics!

How awesome, I thought! We love hearing from our customers and we definetely love to hear about the impact our apps have had in their lives. So I asked Jo if she would like us to do a post about her success story and she graciously agreed. She started the program back in March 2010 but it wasn’t without some reservations, as she says:

“I initially thought it wouldn’t be for me as I have never run in my life. I was the asthmatic wheezy child that never participated in PE at school. I had put on lots of weight while doing my degree as I spent a lot of time sitting at home reading. If I can do it, I firmly believe that anyone can.”

Since than Jo has lost nearly 4 stone* (that’s 56 pounds! ) and she says she maintains her weight by sticking to the Weight Watchers maintenance plan, but also running a 5K three times a week, doing circuit training, and fitball classes as well. Jo told me she likes working out because it allows her to “have naughty treats!”

One of her biggest motivators is finding the right music:

“When I first started I put some favourite songs on but soon realised that they weren’t the right rhythm for my running. My music has changed during the journey as I run slightly faster, so the music tempo has increased to fit in to my rhythm. Also running is brilliant for all over body toning. I get a real endorphin rush too, something that people who exercised told me about but I never really believed it was true!”

Jo has participated in two 5K races this year: Hyde Park and Cambridge Race for Life. She finished them both in about 30 minutes and is looking forward to more races. Currently she has started training for longer distances and is using our B210K (Bridge to 10K) app to help her get there.

Jo hasn’t kept her running to herself. She wants her family and friends to experience the same “buzz of running” that she enjoys. Jo shares her excitement for running every time she is at the Weight Watchers meeting. She says:

“This app has been an important part of my weight loss, as who wants to weigh less, but be all flabby! I honestly thought that I could/would never enjoy exercise. Someone laughingly said that ‘fun run’ was an oxymoron and I agreed.  Week one of the app I struggled as I was so unfit but I soon got in the swing of things and never had to repeat any weeks of the app. It literally got me to 5k, to the day! I have to also say that since I have started running that my overall health has improved. I rarely use my asthma inhalers now at all.”





What a difference Jo, you look fantastic!

Thank you for showing us that with the right kind of diet, mindset and exercise you have made a positive change in your life. We are so glad that the our apps have helped you get there. Best of luck in your running and thanks for sharing!

* This was new to me, but stone is a widely used body weight unit in UK. And I like it! 12 stone sounds better than 168 pounds

15 responses to “Success Story: Jo

  1. I, today, ran 13.1 miles! I used the Hal Higdon half marathon app. I am so grateful to all at Bluefin for fantastic apps that do exactly as they say they will.

    I am nothing special, I just trust the app and run.

    If I can do this, then you can too. Give it go, you will never regret it 🙂

  2. Just thought I would add that now I have started back at the beginning of c25k, hurt my knee spinning at Christmas, I know this programme will get me to 5k again without injuring myself. I am thrilled with the GPS aspect that has been added to the app. This means I can vary my run more without having to log it all on a seperate website (which meant in the past I stuck with the same route). Well done on keep this app so current and fun to use. x

  3. jo you are a lovely lady,not known you too long but when i met you at the ww training we just clicked …you are a great girl and i wish you lots of love n luck xx

  4. Very inspirational and motivating. Starting week 1 day 1 tommorow. Hoping to get some of those results as well!

    • Wow that’s really exciting, I was a bit worried when I started but it really works, just go with it. I look forward to hearing of your success 🙂

  5. What an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m on week 4, day 2 and feel better each time I go out.

  6. Well done, Jo! I love to read other persons success stories and yours is definitely one. I just finished my C25K and will start soon with B210K.

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments. I have just this week managed a new PB of 28.34, it was very exciting! Very wobbly legs at the end though 🙂

  8. Jo is my mum, and liveing with her you can really tell the difference.
    How much I do love my mum she has continuously got on my nervse asking me to run with her, but then i guess it isn’t really isn’t my ambition, she has recently run the cambridge and the high park (London) 5k runs…….. When she did the high park run she made us sit and watch it for about 15 minutes!!!, But as long a she is happy, I am happy

  9. good post,,, thanks

  10. Jo is my oldest and bestest friend! Lol. She has turned her entire life around and is truly inspirational. She looks fantastic and I am hugely proud of her and all she has acheived.

  11. Go Jo! Jo is one of my oldest and dearest friends and she has worked really hard to get this weight off, when I started running she laughed but now it is another one of the many things that we share and I am extremely proud of her.
    Well done again Jo!

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