How do I lock my new workout screen?

The latest update has added a new workout screen that has more features and an improved design that better flows with the rest of the app. I will be writing a series of posts to highlight some of the new features.

In the previous versions the workout screen automatically locked as you started your workout. We wanted to give you the option of setting your workout screen preference. In the updated UI the whole screen does not lock. You can choose to lock only the buttons that could disrupt your workout if pressed while the workout is in progress. This feature can be enabled in your Settings tab.

How to enable button locking:

Go to the Settings tab and turn Lock Buttons to ON. You will now have red locks appear on your workout screen next to each button. To activate the buttons, double tap on the button. You will see that the red lock unlocks and changes to white.

If you want to prevent potential disruptions to your workouts, we recommend that you enable the lock feature in Settings.

The Workout Screen Without Locked Buttons

In The Settings Tab Turn Lock Buttons To ON

Only The Buttons Are Locked

Double Tap To Unlock

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