February Fitness/Health Challenge

Update: The first week’s challenge is underway.

Week 1 Winner: Click here

New Year’s resolutions don’t need to just start and end in January. We want to make fitness and weight loss in 2011 fun and motivating. In January we did the iTunes Gift Card giveway for posting runs on Twitter and answering fitness trivia questions on Facebook. In February we wanted to try something a little different. Getting fit doesn’t happen over night and if you are interested in making a commitment to a true life style change than it can take months or even years to get results.

Everyone has a different idea of what they want to look and feel like, but everyone wants to be healthy. The February Fitness Challenge will help you adapt a new healthy concept each week. Every new week starting on Sunday I will post a new challenge. Every week after that we will build on each week’s previous challenge making sure that by the end of the month we have kept up with each weekly challenge.

Below are the challenges to help you get your mind and body focused on what’s up ahead. We want everyone to succeed and  accomplish each task. We are in on this together.

Week 1: No night time snacks at least 2 hours before bedtime. Ideally no eating after 7 pm.
Week 2: Drinking water and more of it!
Week 3: Exercise 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.
Week 4: Fruits and veggies.

Challenge rules:

Everyone who joins is already a winner, but adding prizes will only make it more fun and motivating.

The challenge will begin weekly on Sunday mornings at  7am (EST) and will end the following Sunday at 7am. The challenge will begin January 30th and end February 27th at 7am (EST). Each Sunday at 7am I will post the challenge on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog. You can join us at anytime during the month. All you need to do is post a comment(s) on the blog post for that week. Only comments posted on the blog will be counted towards a prize. I will randomly select a winner from those posts. Weekly challenge winners will be announced on Monday mornings. You can post as many times as you like, but only one entry will be counted. Get your friends involved and let’s help each other get healthier.


Each week we will be awarding one challenge winner and each week we will have a different prize.

At the end of the month we will award one winner a Grand prize gift. To be eligible you would need to have entered at least one blog comment on each of the four challenges.

There really is no way for us to know if you’ve honestly completed the February challenge for the Grand Prize. We are going to be going by the honor system. Please post comments on the blog if you truly completed the challenges. Let’s not prevent someone who is trying to complete the February Fitness Challenge from winning.

45 responses to “February Fitness/Health Challenge

  1. wow did i just missed this? im up for any challenge! lol

  2. This is a very good staring for those people who want to lose there weight. Best of luck.


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  3. I’m in. Need something like this to get me through Feb.

  4. So far, so good.

  5. So, I’m feeling so much better! Less hungry when eating more veggies and fruit and drinking more water – and looking forward to running thanks to C25K. Entered a 5K for Feb. 26. I’m ready!

  6. This is a brilliant idea! I already run with the C25K programme (wk 7…but an infected toe has put a pause on the runs!) and want to do more.

    I like that you’ve posted all 4 weekly challenges up-front…might as well start incorporating them now!

  7. Let’s get this challenge started ladies and gents!

  8. I am so ready for this challenge! Thx for this it will help keep me going and keep me honest to myself!! Let’s get started!!!!

  9. I’ve really fallen off the wagon after getting all the way from W1D1 on C25K to W4D1 on B210K… Then suffering a hip injury. That was back in October and I’ve lost everything I worked up to! I am going to start participating in these challenges to get me in the right frame of mind so that when the weather warms up, I can go back to participating in my favorite, most relaxing pastime: running!

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  11. Day one and so far so good. Some days will be more difficult – soccer practice and a couple nights of working until 6.

  12. What a great idea. Just what I need to give myself a kickstart after the holidays.

  13. Finding this challenge is perfect timing. I just started tracking calories two weeks ago, bought the proper running shoes yesterday. So now I can start the challenge and the C25K program this week. All with the goal of completing a 10K come June.

  14. Sensational – I love this & without knowing it complied with it – yay 😀

  15. So weight watchers just posted an article yesterday with different weight loss myths. One if them was how it was bad to eat late at night. Basically they said it was ok to eat that 9pm meal or grab that late night snack.

    So, who’s right?

    • Adam,

      This is a great question. There really is no, who is right or wrong here. Weight watchers functions on a point system and they are right when they say that your body burns calories 24 hours a day. However, the article does mention that at night your calorie burning potential slows down. The goal of this first fitness challenge is to bring us all back to the most important meal of the day “Breakfast.” If we don’t eat late or snack we actually will wake up hungry. Check out this link http://www.womenfitness.net/top10_no_skip_breakfast.htm Top 10 reasons to not skip breakfast. Since we burn fewer calories later in the day the best idea is to start in the morning. This way we save the calories(points) we would’ve added with late night snacking with an actual good and healthy start to our day.

  16. This combined with the C25k app and the bootcamp may be just what I need!

  17. Thanks for the challenge! January went ok, but I need to step it up if I want to reach my 2011 goals! Thanks for helping keep us all motivated!

  18. Very excited to change my habits one week at a time. I’ve really enjoyed your C25K app.

  19. I have been trying to make major changes for myself this year, including running, walking and Zumba. I read on FB about this challenge and realized that I was a night time snacker, and as I have challenged myself in many ways so far I would love to take on this challenge as well! I can’t wait to see how I do! Thanks for the opportunity to better my health in yet another way 🙂

  20. New month, fresh start. I’m ready to rededicate myself to fitness.

  21. Rebecca Wockenfuss

    Bring it on! I’m so ready to look and feel my best. I turned 25 yesterday and am making it a goal this year to take care of myself (my parents recently got a divorce and it’s been hard for me). LOVE the app and I love that it is helping me become a runner! Thank you!!!!

    • Rebecca,

      Happy be-lated and congrats on making the decision to take care of yourself this new year. I am so glad that you are enjoying our app and that it is helping you become a runner. Good luck on the February challenge.

    • I’m 23 and my parents just divorced, too. Sometimes in times like these it feels really good to better something about yourself, its therapeutic for the situation. When it was worst between my mom and dad was when running became the greatest therapy. Good luck on your new resolutions 🙂

  22. Can those outside of America enter i.e. Australians??

  23. I am in too.. Very excited.

  24. This sounds like the perfect challenge to shake off these winter blues … I’m so in! 🙂

  25. Great idea! Count me in!!!

  26. Looks like a great place for me to start!

  27. I totally needed this today. I have slacked off with the cold weather as my most widely used excuse! Thank you for this challenge and I’m all in and back on the wagon! Ran a rough 2 miles this morning but gonna do some cross training tomorrow to get my booty back in gear! Thank you again for all the encouragement and motivation!

    • Stacee,

      I am so happy that this got to you today as well. I think we all need a little jumpstart, I know I do. I plan on doing this challenge with everyone as well. Stick with the running like you did this morning. Some days are better than others. I’m looking forward to your posts in February.

    • I plan to try all these 4 from today:
      Week 1: No night time snacks at least 2 hours before bedtime. Ideally no eating after 7 pm.
      Week 2: Drinking water and more of it!
      Week 3: Exercise 30 minutes a day 5 days a week.
      Week 4: Fruits and veggies.

      Hope to lose 1 or 2 pounds this month, and get more healthy!

    • This is sooooo what I need! Especially with my big goal for 2011 is to become a true runner, be helalthy and FINALLY get the fit body I’ve always wanted! 🙂 Thank you for this!

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