February Fitness/Health Challenge Week 2

Week 2: Drinking water and more of it!

Water as we know it is very important for the maintenance and purification of our body. So, plain and simple we need to drink more of it! A study, Water May Be Secret Weapon in Weightloss conducted in 2010 suggests that drinking 2 cups of water before a meal helped individuals lose and maintain weight loss. I also found this great article, Seven Ways to Trick Yourself Full to be very interesting and useful.

How much water should we drink? Research is suggesting 9 cups for women and 13 cups for men or 2 to 3 liters per day. Find a big enough water bottle that you will want to take around with you everyday from now on your bottle will be your best friend. By increasing the amount of water you are drinking I hope you can decrease any unnecessary calorie extras like sodas and coffee.

One randomly selected winner will win a Road ID e-Card valued at $20.

18 responses to “February Fitness/Health Challenge Week 2

  1. Well I managed to up my water intake to about 6 cups a day. A huge increase for me, but not the mark. And I also feel like Violet sloshing around! I will keep trying on this one.

  2. Killing this one. Have drunk at least 2.5 litres each day. Some days over 3 if I’ve exercised. Loving it!!

  3. I’ve had so much water this week, I feel like Violet after the three-course dinner chewing gum. In the other hand, it’s taken care of those hunger cravings. I had gotten to the point where I only drink water (with a cup of coffee in the morning) but with the increase in water consumption I’ve noticed that my skin looks nicer and the weight this week is melting off!

  4. I started doing this a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I picked up some Contigo water bottles and have stopped drinking soda. I even take the bottle on my long runs. Great challenge.

  5. I have been trying to drink only water during the day. I do great at work but I don’t do nearly as good at home on the weekend. Still drinking only water when I eat but I don’t drink nearly as much when I am running around on the weekend vs. sitting at my desk at work during the week. Hoping to do better with this challenge.

  6. Summer makes it so much easier to drink water. I plan to get this habit well established before autumn. Getting through 1.5 litres per day Plus starting out on bootcampapp I can’t help but drink! Thanks.

  7. It’s amazing how something so simple as putting water in a container then drinking it can be such a duanting task!

  8. I find it hard to get my daily water in because of my 1.5 year old. She always wants what I have and when she drinks from my cup she leaves floaties…. So now I just don’t bring water to the table anymore.

  9. More water means more getting up for refills, more walking around and getting away from the computer while at work. Consuming more water is just one of the benefits of this challenge!

    • Thanks for pointing out the other benefits and real challenges of drinking more water. However, you also forgot to mention more added trips to the restroom 🙂

  10. Day 1 and I drank 2.8 litres. Go me!! Luckily I quite like water (but it has to be nice and cold) and my new water bottle a work is still 500ml so lots of trips to the sink to refill.

  11. I use a SIGG 1 liter water bottle and carry it with me constantly. That way I know exactly how much I’ve had or how much I need to consume. Typically, I go through 1.5 a day.

  12. I drink nothing but water after my morning coffee. At work I drink out of a styrofoam cup so I can put tick marks on the outside so I know how many cups I have had for the day. And at home I drink out of a water bottle that I carry to the gym with me. This week will be a good reminder for me to try to add in at least one more glass through the day.

  13. Thanks to last week’s challenge, I’ve slowly added water back to my diet little by little, so hopefully this won’t be too hard.

  14. See, this on isn’t going to be hard for me – I already go through 2-3 32oz water bottles a day while at work. Don’t drink as much on the weekends, though. I’ve been loving the no snacks after dinner plan – my fiancee and I have been trying really hard with it.

  15. I’ve already been doing this one on the livestrong.com website. It’s made me feel much more energetic and helped with my weightloss. This week will be a great reminder on the importance of drinking water and rejuvenate my efforts to do so.

  16. I have lost my urge to drink water lately! Need to get on that ASAP!

  17. I don’t normally drink a third of that. This one is going to be a HUGE challenge for me.

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