February Fitness/Health Challenge Winner

Update: Week 4 Challenge: Veg out with fruits and veggies winner is


Congrats on making the commitment this week to add more fruits and veggies to your diet. You posted on our blog for this challenge and that is what made you a winner. This week’s prize was a free Runhelper t-shirt. Kara will be able to choose her color and size from Spreadshirt and we will ship it to her for free. Congrats to everyone who participated this week. Good luck with keeping your fitness goals on track.

Update: Week 3 Challenge: Exercise 5 times a week winner goes to

Bill V

Congratulations Bill on making fitness an everyday thing.

I know working out everyday is a challenge. I was inspired by your posts and excited to read the different ways you incorporated exercise into your everyday schedule. You all gave me great ideas like cross country skiing, walking the dog, walking to work, and running with one of our Runhelper apps. You should all be proud of yourselves and enjoy this next weeks challenge.

Remember that this next week there will be two winners. One winner will win a free 5K Runhelper T-shirt for posting their week 4 challenge.

The second winner will be our February Fitness Challenge Overall Winner. If you’ve posted every week for each challenge you will be entered in a drawing to receive a $100 e-gift card to Under Armour.

Good luck this week and enjoy those fruits and veggies.


Last week’s challenge entailed no eating after 7pm or no snacking at least 2 hours before going to bed. Many of you posted your success stories and struggles and we all motivated each other with these comments. Thank you for posting!

Now that we’ve overcome not eating after 7 pm it is time to add more water to our lives. That’s right, still continue to watch that 7pm challenge, it doesn’t end! To find out more about this week’s challenge click here and join us!

Now the winner of the lasts week’s challenge will receive a $20 e-card to UnderArmour.

Our winner: joemorr8

To redeem your gift please contact me tanya@runhelper.com

One response to “February Fitness/Health Challenge Winner

  1. I’ve gone mad with fruit this week making myself a huge fruit salad to eat mid morning every day at work instead of loads of toast. Trying really hard with vegetables even though I’m not keen. Made a very yummy leak and potato soup

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