February Fitness/Health Challenge Week 4

Week 4: Veg out with fruits and veggies.

Well you’ve made it to week 4 great job. By now you shouldn’t be craving night time snacks and you are drinking water and plenty of it. Now you can continue this months challenge with the second diet change with adding more fruits and veggies. According to the Food Pyramid we need to eat these scrumptious easy to eat foods because they are rich in fiber and nutrition. What other food can you wash, eat, and take with you anywhere you go. This week grab an apple and some carrot sticks to go and get ready to munch away on your fruit and veggies all week.

Consider staying away from veggies that are too starchy and loaded with calories such as some of my favorites of course: corn, potatoes, and peas.

For example: If you normally just have toast for breakfast add a ripe peeled orange. Or if you like eating cereal for breakfast add some fresh blueberries or sliced bananas to it. For lunch time, add some crisp red pepper slices instead of chips with your sandwhich.

One randomly selected winner will receive a free Runhelper 5k t-shirt.

Our grand prize winner will receive a $100 e-gift card from UnderArmour

9 responses to “February Fitness/Health Challenge Week 4

  1. Three weeks ago started trying meatless Mondays and trying to have at least one meatless meal a day. It forced me to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, which gave me a head start on this week’s challenge.

  2. Ive eaten so much fruit and veg this week been haveing a fruit salad mid morning instead of my usuall toast and homemade leak and potato soup for lunch lost another half a lb this week so very pleased with my progress

  3. Have gone through the week really well. Carrots for mid-morning snacks, grapes and an apple for arvo snacks. Orange or mandarine for snack with breakfast. Loads of veggies for dinner every day!!!! feeling great.
    Over the past month have lost 4kg’s. Running is easier as are all exercises.
    Hope there’s another challenge next month.

  4. Yesterday I really devoured the fruit category by making a strawberry and blackberry salad for breakfast and munching on them the rest of the day. I then ate fresh green salad with lunch and some crisp green peppers with dinner. This morning I enjoyed some pitted prunes, I just love them. How is everyone else doing?

  5. This one is going to be tough!!! I am really a meat and potatoes kind of guy. Will give it a shot. Forgot last weeks challenge so I need to step it up. Halfway through my c25k program…..finished up W4D2 last night. Praying I can keep up with the program and get ready for my first 5k on 4/16.

  6. Great challenge, perfect timing as fruit & veg had dropped off last week. Back into it – frozen berries on morning oats & work lunch includes fruit snacks with shopping list ready for big veg soup for dinner. Thanks for the challenges they are helping to keep me conscious of what I am doing 🙂

  7. I love fresh fruit with yogurt and granola for breakfast.

  8. i just recently discovered the deliciousness of pink lady apples. i eat one every day!

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