Mix up your running mix

Let’s be honest – portable music players are the best thing to happen to running since shoes.  There are probably a lot of us who would rather run barefoot on gravel than without tunes.

Like all creatures of habit, most runners gravitate towards one type of training music or another; something that gets them going when they work out.  Sometimes it’s a trusty favorite band.  Sometimes it’s something out of left field that was downloaded exclusively for the workout playlist.  (Often it’s a well-kept secret: if the neighbors only knew what was blasting in those headphones…).

Either way, remember that a little variety is always a good thing when it comes to a training routine.  Mixing up something as simple as a music selection can cut down on boredom and keep you out of a dangerous mental rut.

Trying out different music can do wonders for your workout, too.

I don’t mean just throwing on something super intense when it’s time to get pumped up.  Experiment a little with different sounds, different styles, and different tempos.

If you usually listen to something energetic and fast-paced, try slowing things down a little and see how it makes you feel.  Remember, just because you slow the music down, doesn’t mean you have to slow yourself down.  Take the opportunity to really feel your body, to breathe and relax as you run.  Let yourself think about your posture and move with those long, smooth strides that get you the most speed for the least effort.

If your music is usually more on the reserved side, download something crazy.  That’s the beauty of digital downloads.  You can grab yourself a handful of new songs for a few bucks and see what works.  If you find something that would be a guilty pleasure if it was blasting out of your car with the windows down, you just might have hit on a good workout song.

Consider this a challenge.  Next time you want to spice up a workout or are having trouble getting motivated, try switching up your music and listening to something that has never made it to the workout playlist before.

But first, a question: What song gets you pumped up that others might not expect?  Leave a comment sharing any reliable favorites or hidden gems that our readers ought to try on for size.

Coming Soon To Our Apps: Use  your iTunes playlists within the app! Stay tuned for more details on this upcoming addition.

7 responses to “Mix up your running mix

  1. Black Eyed Peas – I’ve gotta Feeling. Everytime I hear it, it makes me want to run! It’s my power song that always pushes me that bit further. Looking forward to getting back into running after quite a traumatic pregnancy! I had finished the program but will go back and ease myself back onto running! Can’t wait!

  2. forgot to mention my newest favorite…
    “The Dog Days are Over” by Florence and the Machines

  3. Intergalactic from the Beastie Boys always helps quicken my pace. I’m pretty amazed how much music affects my run, particularly when the song isn’t working. To me it seems the wrong song can have a greater negative impact than the right song can have a positive one. I think a song has about 5 – 10 seconds to grab me. If it’s not working after 10 seconds…on to the next one.

    I also like running to live music, typically Pearl Jam shows.

  4. Riot by Three Days Grace

  5. Surprisingly, “Animal” by Ke$ha… I never really enjoyed her music until running.

  6. “Such Great Heights” – by Postal Service
    get’s me running : )

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