Ready to skip a workout? Ask yourself one question.

Unless you’re an absolute fitness robot, at some point you’re going to struggle with finding the motivation to get out there and run.
Going from couch to running a  5K is tough.  But sometimes just getting from the couch to the driveway is the most challenging part of all.
Doubt and procrastination can really play with your mind.  Cut through the noise by asking yourself  one question: “What’s more likely — that I’ll regret doing this workout or that I’ll regret skipping it?”
If you’re under the weather, nursing an injury, or otherwise off your game, maybe the workout is a bad idea.  But if the only thing you are lacking is the motivation to get out the door, chances are that deep down, you know the answer.
Getting out there and taking those first steps can be a total game-changer when it comes to your attitude.  It’s amazing how quickly you can go from feeling sluggish and negative to a completely positive and energetic mindset just by taking those first steps in the warm-up walk.
Often it’s just a matter of getting out there.  Sometimes asking yourself one silly question can bring your whole day together.

5 responses to “Ready to skip a workout? Ask yourself one question.

  1. Thanks Dom for that extra boost. Congrats on your success. I am so happy that you were able to pick yourself up and get yourself to where you are now.

  2. Also, the more time out you take, the more difficult is going to be to get back in..

  3. Mike,

    The rest days are important, which is why over doing it can lead to injury. Sticking with running 3 days a week is really the key. If you are having pain than clearly you should rest more in between your runs or seek medical attention. I hope you can get back into running quickly, injury free.

  4. Thanks for posting that question…I’ll be sure to ask myself that in the future and use it as motivation. A big part of it for me is to not let one bad eating decision earlier in the day downward spiral into a day of bad decisions. This question can easily be modified to help me when faced with food choices too.

    Thank You.


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