Revisiting old workouts

One of the best feelings there is during a 5K journey is that first time you have a rest day where you’re a little disappointed not to have a workout scheduled.

As you turn that corner and begin developing a real fitness habit, you’ll find that more and more often you aren’t so much pushing yourself to exercise, but being pulled.

Ever feel like going for a run on one of your rest days but didn’t want to compromise your next workout by overdoing it?  Did you know that you can repeat workouts from earlier in the program?

If you’re ever in the mood for a no-pressure run outside of your usual three a week, think about browsing back through old workouts and picking one that looks like a good time.

A little jog down memory lane...

Especially once you have a few weeks under your belt, it can be empowering to repeat an old workout to see just how far you’ve come.  There’s nothing quite like revisiting a run that once took every ounce of strength you had and realizing that the new, stronger you can do it with ease.

And as for the Ease into 5K graduates (and those that have moved on to train for longer events)?  Don’t forget your roots!

One of the great things about interval training is that even once you can run a continuous 5K or more, you can still challenge yourself by working your way through the various run/walk routines of the program.

Push yourself on those runs and believe me, you can make them as difficult as you want them to be.

In addition to nine weeks worth of training ideas, you’ll also notice  two bonus workouts listed — a 30 minute run and a 45 minute run.  These are great checkpoint workouts, especially if you activate your GPS and compare your speed and distance over time.

Now a question for all of you, regardless of where you are in the program.  Any favorite workouts that you like to revisit?

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