Working out (in real life)

A lot can stand in the way of completing a training plan.

Illness, injury, work — you name it — we overcome a lot in the name of seeing things through.

But especially during this time of year, everyday life can be one of the biggest obstacles to getting in your workout for the day.

Unless you come from a brood of like-minded running fans, accommodating a workout usually isn’t high on the priority list at most family gatherings.  Add to that work events and other commitments and suddenly it’s even harder than usual to squeeze in a run.

So how do you stay on track when things get hectic?  Read on for some thoughts, then feel free to add your own in the comments.

Rise and shine.  For most people, the hours of the day most likely to be left uninterrupted come first thing in the morning.  By getting out there and getting your workout done early, you’ll be way out ahead of any curve-balls the day might throw at you.  Plus, if everyone else is in bed, they won’t have anything to say about you snagging a little me-time.

Burn off lunch.  Social gatherings are notoriously food-centric.  The bad news there is that you’re often faced with junky food that won’t do your body any favors from a fitness standpoint.  The good news is that after a good meal, most people are more than happy to sit around and digest.  A quick run after a light lunch can be a good way to slip away and get back before the fun gets back in full swing.

Soak in a sunset.  Running at the end of the day can be great.  You just have to get over the mental hump of starting a workout when your energy level might not be at its highest.  Your body is a beautiful thing, though, and I bet you’re feeling great before the warm-up is over.

Be flexible.  This is the most important thing.  Remember that health and fitness is supposed to help you feel good and enjoy life, not get in the way.  Our programs are designed to work within the confines of real life.  If you have to push a run out a day to spend some quality time with family or friends, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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