Fun, Family, Fitness

One thing that running and technology have in common?  They can both be extremely habit-forming.  So when you have a job that revolves around both, it’s especially important to take a step back and soak in the really important stuff.

All of those beautiful, perfect-for-a-run sunny days are also great opportunities to get outside and enjoy life with the people who matter most.

Spending time out and about with the family can help kids learn and appreciate how good it feels to be fit and active.  I’m not talking about working out…just good-old-fashioned play.

We’ve learned that living healthy is about a lot more than checking off completed workouts in an iPhone app.  Adult brains work that way.  Kids brains don’t.

For a generation constantly being sucked into one screen or another — phones, computers, video games, you name it — it’s important that kids have a chance to get outside and just play.  Taking a fun, active role in a kid’s life can help them learn just how fun it can be to move their bodies, whether it’s an organized sport or just a silly game rolling in the grass.

So what’s everybody up to this time of year?  Any tips on getting the whole family out and active?

Out and about. Kids in tow (literally).

One response to “Fun, Family, Fitness

  1. We go after dinner family bike rides.

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