It’s Here! Ease into 5K update now available

Don’t ignore that little red notification on your App Store icon…the latest Ease into 5K update (3.2.1) is ready for you.  We’re excited to be rolling out plenty of new features, cool enhancements, and general bug fixes with this update.

Read on for a quick breakdown of what you can expect.

Metric support.  Many of you asked for it (in fact we think we’ve heard from every non-U.S. customer) and it’s finally here.  Choose between standard or metric units in the Settings tab.

Use iPod playlists for music.  In addition to building an in-app playlist, you can now use your existing iPod playlist within the app. To switch to the playlist mode go to Settings tab, select Music category, then then tap on the Music entry and select “From iPod Playlists”

Improved Facebook integration.  You can now customize your Facebook post by editing the status message before you publish your workouts.  The app will automatically populate distance, pace, and workout descriptions into your posts. The updated Facebook integration uses the new Facebook SDK which enables faster logins and more reliable Facebook integration.

One-touch GPS toggle.  Turn off GPS tracking for your treadmill workouts by simply tapping the GPS icon on the main workout screen. Tap on the GPS icon again to turn GPS on.

Train by distance.  If you have GPS feature enabled you can now do workouts based on distance and receive alerts based on distance remaining. Just choose the “Distance Run” workout (the last in the list) and pick the distance you wish to run. This feature will make your Ease into 5K app handy for running even after you graduate from the program.

Keep your workouts going. For the overachievers who like to keep running (or walking) after the planned portion of the workout is done, we have a new feature that will enable you to get credit for the extra effort. When you turn ON the “Continue Workout” feature in the Settings tab / Workout category, your workouts won’t stop when the planned workout is completed but will continue until you tap on the “Done” button.

New voice talent.  Meet Jim.  He’s replaced Michael as the male voice within the app. We’ve heard from many of you that Michael’s voice was a bit depressing. And after letting you know when to run and walk for almost two full years it was time for Michael to do something else. We hope you find Jim’s voice fresh and motivating.

Bug fixes.  We fixed a bunch of bugs in this update. Like the extra Week1/Day1 journal entries that sometimes crept up in the Journal, inaccurate distance values, and calorie counts that sometimes happened, and various other bugs.

Updated app Icon!

So that’s the overview, but I hope you’ll install your update and take it for a test run yourself.  With that said (and a major update behind us), it’s time for us to get started on the next one!

Be sure to let us know in the comments if there are any features you’d like to see in the next update.

Enjoy…and thanks for using Bluefin Software, LLC.

9 responses to “It’s Here! Ease into 5K update now available

  1. Hi,
    How can I delete specific workouts from my journal? When I have been testing features of the app out I have created some false workouts and wish to remove their data from the journal.


    • Hi Elliott,

      If you are using the iPhone/iPod touch version of the app, just swipe your finger across the entry you wish to delete and the “Delete” button will appear. If you are using Android version, just tap and hold on the entry you wish to delete an you will get a pop-up menu with a option to delete it.

  2. I downloaded the new version and it is not automatically populating the distance, pace,e tc. on the facebook integration. Is that a setting that I need to set?

    • Hi Tracey,

      Thanks for writing. The app will provide the above information if GPS has already recorded your stats and in Settings on the app you have set Social Media to Auto publish. If you do not have GPS and you input your data from a treadmill turn Auto-publishing off in your settings. That way you can input your running stats and then manually publish to your social media site. Hope this was helpful.

  3. I just downloaded and started using Couch to 25K and I am trying to use my playlist that I created for “running” and the app continues going back to “purchased” and will not go to my specified list. I even deleted the purchased list. Please help.

  4. I’m having the same problem as Ellen. I’ve tried turning off my iPhone and back on but still won’t load. What steps have you suggested above?

    • Hi Vicki,

      Sorry about the issue you have experienced. In some cases app updates can cause this to happen. Please try repeatedly opening the app, then restarting the phone. You may have to do that a few times but it should eventually be able to load.

      Another way to get it working again is to delete and re-download the app. You can re-download the app without being charged again. However deleting the app will delete the workout history.

  5. I got the update this morning, and now the app won’t load! Please help!! It opens, acts like it’s loading and then shuts down. Never says “Go”

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