Don’t stop because *we* say so (New Feature: Continue Workout)

It’s one of the most puzzling feelings in running.

There you are, pushing your way to the end of a workout, counting down the minutes and thinking you’ll never make it to the end.  Then, the next thing you know, that voice in your headphones tells you that the workout is complete and you feel like you could have gone another mile or two without missing a beat.

Or maybe you’re just having one of those superhero, everything-falling-into-place days when you just know that whatever distance you set out to run just isn’t going to be enough.

Perfect for those Forrest Gump moments

With our latest update comes “Continue Workout,” a new feature that lets your run continue even after the planned workout is complete.  Your time, distance (if GPS is enabled) and other stats will continue rolling until you manually stop the workout.

To access the feature, open up settings, tap “Workout,” and toggle on “Continue Workout.”

The structure of a formal training program like Ease into 5k or any of our other programs is a great way to build rigor and accountability into your training.  But at the same time, it’s important to remember that the point of the whole thing is to RUN…and that listening to your body and enjoying how you feel as you get stronger and faster is what it’s all about.

Those miles that you log just for the heck of it often turn out to be the ones that help you really fall in love with running.  Don’t let “Workout Complete” keep you from one of those great training moments.

One response to “Don’t stop because *we* say so (New Feature: Continue Workout)

  1. It would be great if the continue workout let you repeat the intervals more easily, I always skip back manually and it seems to mess up the time.

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