How to run marathons without really thinking about it

Okay, okay.  You will have to think about it.  And work your tail off. But that’s not the point.

The point is that no matter what your fitness level or running experience is right now, inside you is a marathoner waiting to be set free. You might think that sounds crazy, but one of these days you’ll know what I mean.

Maybe it’ll be during the cool-down of the final workout of Ease into 5K or in the afterglow of a big race.

One day it’ll just hit you. You want to run further. That’s how it starts.

Ease into 5K is a great program for getting off the couch and into regimented training.  Completing it will leave you feeling stronger, faster, and more confident…exactly the qualities necessary to become an utterly addicted distance runner.

We have a whole suite of Bluefin apps that  make it easy to keep upping your game as you aspire to longer distances and bigger challenges.

Here’s a quick breakdown of each of them.  For details on each, click here.

  • Ease into 5K will prepare even a non-runner for a full 5k in just nine weeks.
  • Bridge to 10K is a six-week program designed for Ease into 5K graduates who want to double their distance.
  • Ease into 10K is a ten-week 10k program intended more for moderate to advanced runners.
  • Hal Higdon’s Novice Half-Marathon is a 12-week program that will get you running 13.1 miles.
  • Hal Higdon’s Marathon is an advanced program designed to ready you for a full-length marathon.
  • Bootcamp a circuit training app that will help strengthen your core muscle groups and help make you a better runner

While a marathon might seem far off from where you stand right now, there’s definitely a path from here to there when you look at the various regimens listed above.  Tackling these programs one at a time will have you gunning for a full 26.2 before you know it.

Even if you haven’t completed your first 5k just yet, taking a look at the other programs available can help keep you excited about the possibilities ahead when it comes to running and fitness.

Have you had success with the support of multiple Bluefin apps?  Please tell just about it in the comments.  We might feature you in an upcoming blog post.

One response to “How to run marathons without really thinking about it

  1. I know this plan – not bad but you need to have a lot of motivation 😉

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