Change of Scenery — four quick ways to shake up your routine

We talk a lot about how to mix up your routine for the sake of keeping your training interesting and avoiding boredom and frustration. One of the best and simplest ways to do that is just to change where you are running.

It doesn’t have to be anything drastic, just a slight shift in what you usually do for the sake of expanding your horizons a little bit. Here are some ideas that you can make happen starting with your very next run.

Go the other way. Always head East at the first corner? Cross the street and head North instead! When you get into a groove with a certain running route, you’ll be amazed at how different things feel when you make a change. Even just exploring the other side of the neighborhood can make you feel like you’re in a whole new area. Worried about missing your landmarks and turnaround spots? Set your app alerts up to give you a half-way notifcation for an out-and-back run — just turn around when you hear the alert and see if you can beat your pace back home.

Take a little drive. Even a five-minute car ride can put you well out of your ordinary running range. Consider taking a drive and start your run from a different spot. Think sceneic parks, runner-friendly paths, or even a trip downtown for a city run. This is a great one if you are having trouble finding the motivation to get out and train. Just convince yourself to hop in the car and the rest should take care of itself.

Head off road. Starting from a trail head and doing some off-road running can really freshen your perspective. Try it once and you might find yourself becoming a trail runner.

Try a track. Running on a track is a great change of pace and can be a refreshing experience. Your gym, a nearby highschool, and college campuses can all be great places to run circles. Just be certain that you are welcome at the track and get permission if unsure. As a rule, faster runners should be on the inside with slower movers on the outside. (Please note that if you are running on a circular track with our apps, the GPS  will not be able to track your distance and pace accurately because you will be running in a small circular area).

Whatever you choose, a change of venue can do wonders for your workouts.  The more you mix things up, the less likely you’ll end up in a training rut.  Give it a try and see what the new perspective does for you.

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