Beyond the Road: Circuit Training

We heard somewhere that running isn’t everything.
Okay, yes, that’s true.  It isn’t.  There are lives to be lived out there that don’t involve interval training or miles logged.

But we’ve also embraced the idea that running doesn’t need to be 100 percent of your fitness picture, either.  That’s why in addition to our various running apps, we’ve also released Bootcamp for iPhone, a complete circuit training app that guides you through a total body workout using the same interface and framework as our Bluefin apps.

If you are a running graduate looking to take on another challenge or a day-to-day runner looking to build speed with some dedicated strength work, Bootcamp is designed to give you everything you need to be successful, from instruction to timing to tracking.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out http for more info.  There you’ll find:

Bootcamp is currently $2.99 on the app store and is worth a look if you’re looking to begin or expand your circuit training work.  We’ve put together some handy canned workouts targeting specific muscle groups — like arms, quads, and abs — so hopefully there’s something for everyone, depending on what you are trying to accomplish.
We’ve got some great updates in store for you, too, so we’ll be sure to keep it interesting.  Good luck, circuit trainers; and stay tuned for more from Bootcamp!

2 responses to “Beyond the Road: Circuit Training

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  2. I bought this app, only to realize that my Touch is too old to use it! (circa 2008) Oh well, maybe when I upgrade my touch.

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