Looking for a Race?

Whether you’re jumping on board the 5K New Year’s Program (details at the bottom of this post) or just setting your sights on adventures down the road, there are still plenty of races afoot this time of year.

If you’re looking for a race, the Race Finder tool available from the folks over at Runner’s World can be just the ticket.  You can search based on location, distance, and event size — plus choose a date range that fits in with your training schedule.  There are also options to query race type if you’re looking for something specific like a trail run, master’s event, or women’s only races.

It’s certainly a handy tool if you’re looking to find a race, but one of the best uses is simply daydreaming.  If you haven’t really planned on running a race and don’t have your eye set on anything in particular, goofing around in the search results for a few minutes might get your race juices flowing.  Consider letting yourself be inspired by some of the cool events out there and you might end up adding some extra incentive to your training program.

If you do sign up for something interesting, be sure to let us know where you’re headed!

Want to be 5K ready by January 1?  Join us  for our November/December New Year’s program.  Details below!

Remember, the New Year’s program is kicking off worldwide with the first week of November.

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