Last week before the New Year’s push! (Tell a friend?)

Next week marks the beginning of our Bluefin New Year’s program – nine quick weeks of running and your 5k strong by January 1.

If you haven’t signed up already, I hope you’ll take a moment to jump on board.  We’re building a great community of runners who are either embarking on the 5K journey for the first time or getting back on track after interrupting the program for one reason or another.

Regardless of whether you’re running with us in November and December, please consider passing the word along to friends, family, coworkers…anyone you know who might benefit.  No running experience is required – the program is designed to literally bring you from sitting on the couch to actually running the full 5k distance without stopping.

If you want to help us spread the word and maybe pick up a running buddy or two in the process, here are a few good ways to do it.

  • Send them a link to our recent blog post, “Rethinking the New Year.” It’s got everything they need to know, including links to buy the app and sign up for the New Year’s program.
  • Hop on iTunes and use the “Tell a Friend” feature to share the app.  Heck, if you’re really feeling generous, go ahead and make it a gift.
  • Recommend us on Facebook and Twitter.  We’ll be posting and tweeting plenty in the next week to get everyone geared up for the November kickoff.

The first week of November is right around the corner.  Hope you’re getting those running shoes laced up and ready to go!

3 responses to “Last week before the New Year’s push! (Tell a friend?)

  1. I am running all the time, prepping for a Tough Mudder in February. I also do Body gospel inside… due to plantar faciatis, my running is taking a back seat to other forms of fitness right now…

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