Getting Ready for 2012: It’s not too late; not too early.

With November half over, participants in our big New Year’s program are starting to feel like they’re in it to win it and realize that they’re going to be able to pull this thing off after all — ready for a 5k before 2012 even begins.

A month ago when we were rallying runners from all over to the cause, the idea was that we’d all be crossing the program’s finish line together through the last week of the year, feeling fit and ready to hit the ground running next year.

The whole idea was “start your New Year’s Resolution NOW.”

But what if you missed out and didn’t kick off with the group at the beginning of this month?  Don’t let that convince you to put off until the new year what you can tackle right away.

For most of us, the biggest fitness hurdles we’ll ever face will be mental.  There’s always something in the back of the head of every runner (or wanna-be runner) that’s trying to make the case for slowing down, quitting, or not starting in the first place.

We’re all pushing for January 1, but there’s nothing magical about the number.  If you aren’t in the midst of a program right now, go for it!  Today!  Fire up your app, get out there, and run.  You’ll be setting yourself for a great 2012.

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