Important update to our 5K App

App Update: Now available for Android, Coming soon for iOS

Following tremendous feedback and lots of great success stories surrounding our 5K app, we are now in the process of rolling out updates to the platform. The app update is now available for Android and will be released for iOS shortly pending approval from Apple.

The Runhelper platform will stay the same, but we are changing the name of the app and modifying the training program. Following the update, the program and app will be called Ease into 5K (bringing it into line with our existing Ease into 10K program, as well as our apps for longer distances).

The new training plan brings a new approach to training, more geared towards the needs of beginning runners and designed to provide lots of insights and motivation along the way.

Below you’ll find an overview of the new program. We’re looking forward to creating the most effective, integrated training programs for you that we possibly can. Please keep up with us at our new blog address ( and join us on our new Facebook and Twitter pages.

Your support makes all of this possible. Please keep in touch and let us know what you think as we continue to expand what Bluefin has to offer.

Why this change?

Active Network, Inc. the trademark holders of Couch to 5K have asked us to stop using the Couch to 5K name and the training plan. In order to comply with their request we will be taking down the C25K app from the app store and we will be releasing an update with our own training plan and the new app name. Please feel free to email us at with any questions.

See our new 5K training plan here: Ease into 5K

16 responses to “Important update to our 5K App

  1. that new version of the App on Android DOESN’T WORK PROPERLY. The descriptions don’t match the times or the display on the screen. When can a proper update be provided or is there a way of downloading and using the old version?

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. We have released an update for the Android app (Version 1.0.12) please update the app as the description and alerts have been fixed.

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  3. I’d appreciate a more thorough analysis of the differences between the two training programs? To be honest I feel a little duped because I purchased this app last week and happily completed week one-ready to start week two tomorrow and as a true novice I am not keen on switching up my training without knowing full well the reasons behind it, outside of a copyright issue. Thanks for any info you can provide!

    • Hi Mary,

      Thanks for writing. I fully understand where you are coming from. If you wish to continue with the C25K plan that you bought last week simply do not update the app to the new Ease into 5K version. Alex and I developed the plan listening and supporting complete novice runners like you. Our plan is a bit more subtle and gentler than the C25K plan. Take a look at the differences and you decided if you would like to update or not. I wish you continued success in which ever plan you choose. Good luck and have fun!

  4. I went looking for this app today and couldn’t find it. Understand it was pulled down to make way for new version but I am anxious to begin. when will be available for iphone? Thanks.

    • Hi Susie,

      Thanks for writing. It generally take Apples a week to get an app approved sometimes even longer. Given that we just had Thanksgiving they may be a bit behind. The app should be up soon. We are hoping before the end of the week.

  5. Will all my training history still be part of the app? Or will it all be erased?

  6. so does that mean that those of us with the current app will simply be upgraded to the new app, or do we have to download the new one??

  7. Will the ease into 5k app be free to those of us who spent money on the c25k one?

    • Hi Natasha,

      Thank you for writing. You will not need to purchase the app again. When you see the update on your iPhone and update the app you will get the new plan.

  8. So what happens to the app we’ve bought? No more updates?

    • Hi Susie,

      Thanks for writing. This is an update to the existing app that will fix bugs, more features, and offers the new Ease into 5K plan that we’ve created. Thank you for your loyalty and patience through this transition.

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