Inside Scoop: Week Four Workouts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a running veteran or just beginning for the first time, there’s plenty to be learned from workouts at any stage of a training plan.  Today, as our New Year’s Runners tackle Week Four, we’re talking about what you can learn from Week Four workouts (no matter who you are).  Read on for the Week Four Inside Scoop, including tips and advice for runners at every level.


Here’s the thing about Week Four.  It isn’t the hardest workout you’ll ever do, but this is a week that seems to cause aspiring runners a lot of trouble.  The issue isn’t the distance or the intensity, but rather some of the more basic challenges that come along with entering your fourth week of continuous training.  Sooner or later, everyone will find themselves struggling with willpower and motivation.  A lot of the time, Week Four is when it happens.

What do you do about it?  Get out there and run, of course!  It’s a fun workout with lots of variety, so once you’re out there actually pounding the pavement, you’ll find the time flies by.  This is a week where the hardest steps you’ll take might be the ones between the couch and the sidewalk.  If you’re having a tough time, remember there’s a whole Bluefin community ready to rally behind you – pop over to Facebook and Twitter to see for yourself.  Don’t let this be the week that stands between you and your goals.

Intermediate runners…

Consider making this workout your go-to boredom buster.  If you ever feel like you’re getting into a rut with everyday distance work, tossing this one into the mix can be a good move.  Running intervals of various lengths will help you learn how to budget your energy and pace yourself.  Also, you’re looking at a prime endurance-building workout, since the rest intervals are considerably shorter than the running intervals.  You’ll be able to catch your breath a bit in between, but you aren’t going to be fully recovered after each walk.

Crusty veterans… 

This is a great workout to revisit if you’re already performing at or beyond 5k distances.  For one, it’s complex enough that you probably wouldn’t be inclined to put yourself through it without the app calling the shots.  And if you’re really pushing yourself the final running interval should be a real challenge.  Make it your goal to push much harder than race pace during the shorter intervals and then finish the final run with all you’ve got.

Any advice to new runners for taking on Week Four?  We’d love it if you intermediate runners and crusty veterans would hop over to our Facebook wall and leave some words of encouragement for our New Year’s crowd that’s right in the middle of a tough week.

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