Inside Scoop: Week Five Workouts (plus an important note)

Please note: As we shared last week, we are in the process of transitioning to a new training program for the 5K distance.  The Runhelper platform will stay the same, but we are changing the name of the app and modifying the training program. Following the update, the program and app will be called Ease into 5K (bringing it into line with our existing Ease into 10K program, as well as our apps for longer distances).   To continue on your existing program, you’ll need to hold off on this app update.   

Inside Scoop: Week Five Workouts

It doesn’t matter if you’re a running veteran or just beginning for the first time, there’s plenty to be learned from workouts at any stage of a training plan.  Today we’re talking about Week Five. Read on for the Week Five Inside Scoop, including tips and advice for runners at every level.


Week Five is all about getting ready for longer, uninterrupted runs.  You aren’t quite up to 5K distance, but you have come far enough that your body is prepared to do longer running intervals and even standalone runs that don’t require any rest intervals at all.  You’ve built to this point gradually, but it’s still important to be mentally ready for workouts with less walking – not so much because of the longer distances, but just because of the physiological differences that come with running uninterrupted.  Think of this as the week where you will really come into your own as a runner.  This is where you turn the corner from a newbie just getting up to speed and become a bona fide runner preparing for a 5k.  Just remember, the majority of your challenges this week will be mental, not physical.  When all else fails, crank up the tunes.

Intermediate runners…

Week Five brings you a nice selection of no-pressure throwback workouts that can give you a taste of interval work without necessarily doing a ton of walking.  Browse through and pick one the next time you’re looking for a solid run that lets you focus on your form and run with confidence.  These are challenging if you push yourself hard and relaxing if you take it easy.  If you’re feeling a little under the weather, these make great workouts for shaking it off and logging some time on the road without having to think too much about it.

Crusty veterans…

Running hard for varying distances (not just your race distance) can help you become not just a stronger runner, but also a stronger racer.  It’s difficult to simulate a race-day experience and impossible to reproduce every combination of energy, fatigue, strength, and excitement you’re going to find on the race course.  So prepare your body and mind for various scenarios by running hard at varying distances, whether it’s medium-range eight-minute interval work or just a compressed run that’s going to leave you a little short of your usual race distance (just be sure to kick up the intensity to compensate).  Mixing it up like this will help you better manage your intensity during longer workouts and various race distances.

5 responses to “Inside Scoop: Week Five Workouts (plus an important note)

  1. The new upgrade has totally screwed up my workout. How were people to know NOT to upgrade?? I hate this new program. I was looking forward to wk5 day2 of 8run 5walk 8run. Now I find it’s 10run 3walk 10run, which is totally unattainable for me at this point. I haven’t done any of the weeks that work me up to that since they are now BRAND new!

    Plus, the app isn’t even doing the 10run 3walk 10run correctly. The wk5 day2 is now counting down 6run 1walk 4run 1walk 6run. What’s up with that?

    It’s also lowereing the volume of my music so that, if I turn it up, when the app is done it blasts my earphones when the music raises again. This is all crap that such a good program would become such a piece of you know what on the strength of one upgrade.

    You have completely destroyed my faith in your program. You certainly could have done some type of alert to let people know NOT to upgrade this app. Since it’s not working properly anyway is there any way I can get the old app back minus this revision?

    • Hi Kira,

      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry about the trouble this update has caused. We have tried to alert as many customers as we could possibly reach via our Newsletter, Facebook fan page, Twitter followers, and the update description itself. However, I realize that we were not able to reach everyone and I apologize for that.

      Unfortunately the Week 5 workouts have incorrect descriptions, but the audio alerts are played correctly according to the training plan. We have submitted an update that fixes this and it’s currently pending Apple’s approval. You should be able to continue your training with the new plan. There’s no way to get previous version of the app.

      • Honestly, there should be an option for those of us who want the old routine. It worked for me, and I have exercise-induced asthma. This new plan would exacerbate that condition because I can’t yet work into exceedingly long runs, but more intervals really helps me.

        You guys should really put in an option for people to choose which workout we want.

      • Hi Beej,

        Thanks for writing. Sorry the new plan is not working well for you. Putting in the option to have both would’ve been great, but we are not allowed to use the C25K plan any more. Sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. For more information as to why, look at our blog post about the important update

      • ok, forgiven. i’ve figured out a way to use the new app by going back and doing week 4 over…maybe a coupla times before i try 9 min in wk 5.

        but i still don’t like that the app messes with the volume of my iphone. that never happened before. are you going to fix that, too?

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