From 5K Newbie to Marathon Man: Guest Post by Zach Sharp

Editor’s Note: Sometimes, you guys really take it all the way.  Zach Sharp started off using his phone to guide him through training for his first 5K and ended up working his way through one Bluefin app after another, upping his distance from 5K to 10K to a half marathon to the full 26.2.  We’re blown away and hope his story can be an inspiration to everyone who reads this.  Zach’s story is below.    

Most of my life I had been an active, outdoors type of person.  I graduated high school in okay shape.

In college I worked part time and took a full credit load every semester.  I did not put any time aside for fitness or physical activity.  Four years of pizza and late night study sessions turned into about 70 pounds and a belief that I was just not destined to be a fit person.  After graduation I went to work in law enforcement.  In my field fitness is almost a job requirement.  I struggled with the standards all the way through the academy.

Several years into my career I was on vacation with family.  Someone suggested that we all go on a zip line adventure offered at the resort. I was all for it until I saw in the fine print that there was a weight limit of 250 pounds.  I knew I was very close to that and perhaps more.  It was the first time that my weight and my lack of fitness distinctly affected my life.  It was my turning point.

When I got home I started a food journal and also found your 5K app on my phone.  I lost a fairly decent amount of weight and completed my first 5K in 30 minutes.  I was hooked on running.  The Bridge to 10K program came next along with additional weight loss.  I lost even more weight and ran my first 10K.  A coworker suggested a local half marathon.

Frankly, the very idea intimidated me.  By this time a lot of my family and friends knew me as that guy who runs.  I thought a half marathon would be a good addition to my running resume. I found the Hal Higdon half marathon app and ran the Indianapolis Mini Marathon in May.  The training was difficult but I learned to love running purely for the sake of running.  I knew I wanted more.  The Hal Higdon marathon app came out shortly afterwards.  I was a little nervous going in to it but I diligently completed the program.  I ran the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon on 11/5.  As I was crossing the finish line I simply could not believe how much further than 26.2 miles I really had come in the last year and a half.  I have lost 65 pounds and dropped 8 inches off my waist size.  I joined a running club and I am on my department’s competitive running team for a half marathon next spring.

Your programs have been an invaluable training partner.  One of the most rewarding experiences has been getting other people started running.  I pointed the apps out and have got two people started running.  I look forward to my fitness future now and I am glad your apps are going with me.  Thank you so much!

2 responses to “From 5K Newbie to Marathon Man: Guest Post by Zach Sharp

  1. Congratulations for a great job well done and thanks for sharing !

  2. You’ve done a good job upping your wellness Zach!

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