Check out the updated Workout Journal!

As you know, we’ve recently rolled out a pretty significant update to our 5K app.  Part of that update was a redesigned Workout Journal, which will help you get even better insights into each of your workouts.

These updates have something for everyone, but will definitely do the most for those who have activated the GPS feature.  Here’s a quick rundown of the new features.

Cumulative distance.  Now you’ll be able to track how many miles you’ve logged in total with an ongoing record of all the distance you cover while using the app.  (Also a great way to keep track of how much wear you’re putting on your shoes!)

Fastest mile.  Beginning when you download the update, you can start tracking your best miles, giving you a great benchmark to compete against from week to week.

Easier treadmill integration.  If you do some or all of your workouts on a treadmill, you’ll now have an easier time manually entering your workouts.  Simply enter your speed setting and the app will automatically calculate minutes per mile or minutes per kilometer.

Better split tracking.  You can now track your splits directly from the journal screen, allowing at-a-glance access to exactly how you’re performing.

Improved ease of use overall.  You’ll also notice that the journal screens themselves are simplified, with larger fields for easier data entry.  You can also more easily add workouts to the journal that you do without the app.

We can’t emphasize enough how valuable the journal functionality can be.  By keeping track of your workouts you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable for the work you’re putting in and keep a good handle on just how much you’re doing.  It doesn’t matter if your goal is to get faster, increase distance, lose weight, or just have good, solid runs.  The journal screens give you everything you need to track your performance and figure out how to get where you want to be.

If you haven’t been using the journal so far, please give it a shot for a week and see what you think.  We expect you’ll want to stick with it.

7 responses to “Check out the updated Workout Journal!

  1. So did the C25K app disappear. I was using C25K and my app was replaced today with Ease into 5K. Now all the workouts are different. 😦

    • Hi,

      Thanks for commenting. We have had to take the C25K app off the iTunes store. See our blog post for details as to why the change occurred:
      We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused you. Since you’ve updated we hope you find the new plan easy to follow.

  2. Just ran for the first time with the new program today (week three), and it’s kind of a mixed bag for me. I love the new journal, but i’m not sure what the logic is of finishing the program with a walk, then the cool down. That’s seven straight minutes of walking! It’s a great app overall, I don’t mean to be negative. Just a little feedback!

    • Hi,
      Thanks for the feedback. We are aware that on some days the program ends with a walk and then the cool down. The point of the program is to get you moving and going the distance, walking and running. Here are some suggestions you could do if you don’t want to walk that long.
      1. You could always use the last walk as the cool down and skip the real cool down by tapping on the arrows on the workout screen.
      2. You can use the last walk before the cool down to power walk and burn some extra calories.
      3. Use the 5 minute cool down to do some light stretches rather than walking.
      Hope these suggestions help break up the time and make it more enjoyable.

      • Thanks for the tips! I’ve actually been trying to squeeze in an extra 2-3 minute run during the cool down. I just plan my route soI’m far enough from home to still get a 4-5 minute cooldown walk.

  3. I use the journal, and I’m especially excited about the cumulative distance addition. Thanks!

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