Stay Healthy! Winter Running Foods

Okay, runners.  We’re onto you.  We know you’re going to be out there this year in all manner of inclement weather, freezing your tails off and filling your shoes with slush.  (And even if you pretty much keep your training inside, there are still plenty of opportunities to catch cold just walking through a parking lot.)

Being fit, active, and generally healthy gives you a huge leg up on the average Joe when it comes to keeping well during cold and flu season, but good nutrition is critical too.  Here are three foods every runner should be seeking out as the weather turns.

Fish.  I know, it’s winter.  It’s supposed to be meat and potatoes comfort food time, but eating fish is a great way to replace all that Vitamin D that you would typically be getting from the sun.  If you find that your mood is very sensitive to the seasons, this might also be just what you need to beat the winter blues.

Veggies.  Why?  No reason in particular, they’re just really, really good for your body.  And when immune systems are strained and harsh weather is wearing you down overall, it’s more important than ever to be fueling up with good stuff (especially if you’re planning to train with any intensity).   So eat up!  Even if you usually don’t do very well in the vegetable department, this time of year is a great time to buckle down and form some long-lasting habits.

Warm goodness.   Okay, this one isn’t exactly on the food pyramid, but it’s true non-the-less.  We’re talking about warm-me-up foods like hot soup or even hot chocolate.  A cold, wet body doesn’t recover well after a run.  After you dry yourself off, grab yourself something warm and liquidy – the kind of stuff that looks really delicious in the wintertime commercials.  It’ll help you pull yourself together and start rebuilding for your next workout.           

What about you?  Any go-to wintertime foods that you’d recommend for fellow runners?

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