Ease into 5K Inside Scoop: Final Edition

It doesn’t matter if you’re a running veteran or just beginning for the first time, there’s plenty to be learned from workouts at any stage of the training plan.  Today we’re talking about what those final workouts of the program bring to the table for runners at every level – including some general advice on life after your program is complete.


We said it last week: once you get to this point in your training, the name of the game is simply to stay focused, think like a runner, and start getting excited about crossing the finish line.  By now it’s safe to say that you’re a bonafide runner.  The next question is how you keep up the lifestyle once Ease into 5K is behind you.  Pulling it off is really a matter of figuring out your running personality and overall training style.  The app will let you keep logging workouts even after the program is complete.  You can repeatedly tackle various timed runs or revisit old workouts as you see fit.  Over time (and perhaps you’re already there), you’ll become the intermediate runner we’ve been talking about in this blog series.  If you’d rather tackle another program in the series, that’s another great option.  You can get started right away with Bridge to 10K ® or choose from the others available.

Intermediate runners…

Ease into 5K graduates are an accomplished lot, with many going on to complete additional (or even multiple) Bluefin programs.  This is a great way to keep moving the ball forward, so to speak, giving you a predictable framework for building fitness, speed, and distance.  By now, redundancy and boredom are probably your biggest enemy.  Sometimes you can run consistently for months and not even realize you’re getting into a rut – then BAM! suddenly it becomes a chore to get out there and train.  Consider upping the ante by graduating to longer-distance programs or even mixing it up with the Bootcamp app.  Beyond that, setting your sights on interesting races and connecting with friends (online or offline) is a great way to keep things interesting and stay engaged in your training.

Crusty veterans…

Let’s face it – you guys rock.  You’ve trained your tails off and logged more miles this month than some people will in a lifetime.  Think there’s anything to be gained by sticking with your phone as a pocket-sized training partner?  Whether you’re interested in tackling another program or not, there are still plenty of benefits baked into Bluefin apps.  Tracking your progress with the journal and activating the optional GPS feature are great ways to build a system around your training and make sure that the numbers you produce are consistent with how you feel about your progress.  A solid workout journal will help you monitor your performance from week to week to make sure you’re getting the performance gains you expect.  You’ll also get reliable information to help you troubleshoot any problems you might have.  Either way, it never hurts to have a solid record of the work that you’ve done.

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