Introducing Power Walk

Everybody has to start somewhere.

And even though we created Ease into 5K with the intent that a fitness novice could navigate it starting from scratch, we understand that hitting the ground (literally) running isn’t for everybody.  Our users have told us — whether it’s for them or for friends and loved ones — that there was a need for a true beginner’s program, one that could take someone who isn’t capable of any running at all and help him or her build their fitness gradually.

Enter Power Walk.

Power Walk follows the same philosophy and design as our running apps, but was created for walkers.  The goal of the 12-week program is to start off slow (intervals of three minutes quick, three minutes easy) and work up to a full 60-minute power walk.

It’s perfect if physical limitations prohibit running or if a person’s current fitness level just isn’t compatible with Ease into 5K.  Consider it a great stand-alone program to get up and moving or even a way to lay a solid fitness foundation before beginning a running program.

If you’ve struggled through the early weeks of Ease into 5K, are looking to keep yourself moving and active on a low-impact scale, or just know someone who would benefit from a walking program, please check it out. Power Walk is now available in the app store (and for more details on the training program, check out our page here.

The health benefits of walking are TREMENDOUS… especially if the alternative is sitting on the couch.  If you think Power Walk will help you or someone you know get moving, by all means give it a try!

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