Apps on sale through the end of the day!

It’s a good time to grab a new app or two!  Today’s the last day to pick up a number of Bluefin apps for just $0.99.  Here’s what’s on sale through the end of the day:

      • Ease into 5K
      • Ease into 10K®
      • Bridge to 10K®
      • Power Walk
      • Bootcamp

You can check them out in iTunes or the Android Market and learn more about each program on our website.

This is a great opportunity to help get your 2012 off on the right foot.  If you’ve been thinking about starting one of these programs, now’s the time (you can’t beat a buck, right?).

If you’re in the middle of a program right now, here’s your chance to score a quick deal on your next one…you’ll save a couple of dollars off the regular price and you’ll have that shiny new app icon on your phone reminding you of what you’re working towards.

And if you’ve got that giving feeling?  Ease into 5K is great for beginners and even if someone you know is just starting to get moving again, Power Walk is brand new and a great choice for a true fitness novice.

4 responses to “Apps on sale through the end of the day!

  1. Thordis Tomasdottir

    Hi I am looking for something for an ordinary ipod – Bridge to 10 k to be precise.
    Do you have anything or can you recommend anything?

    best regards,

  2. I’ve been trying to buy your app for the last 45 minutes but it keeps telling me “This item is currently being modified. Please try again later.”


    • Fadra,

      Sorry about the issue you are having with the app. Could you please tell me which market (iPhone or Android) and which app you are trying to download?

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