Workouts that aren’t running

January can be a tough month for runners.  You feel motivated and pumped about the new year, but a lot of us are waking up to icy sidewalks and frigid temperatures.  Sometimes this translates to a gym membership and a lot of time staring at a treadmill monitor.

Don’t end up in a rut.  If you’ve joined a gym, remember that there are tons of activities available beyond the treadmill.  Get the most for your money by mixing it up with these alternative workouts.

  • Hit the weights.  You don’t need to be a body-builder to benefit form a little weight work.  Squats and lunges with light dumbbells are a great place to start.
  • Run some laps.  Lots of gyms have a nice, synthetic track that you can run on.  It’s a closer simulation of outdoor running than a treadmill and can be surprisingly fun.
  • Go for a swim.  Swimming is one of the best cross-training activities there is.  Even if you’ve never swam laps before, you might be surprised at how quickly you end up feeling like a pro.  (A little pool work can also give you the confidence you need to tackle one of those triathlons that always catch your eye…)
  • Take a class.  Most gyms have all sorts of classes and organized activities taking place throughout the week.  Pick something that interests you — dance, martial arts, yoga, spinning — you name it.  You’re already there…might as well take advantage of everything the place has to offer!

Haven’t joined a gym?  Be sure to check out our Bootcamp app for a bunch of full-body circuit exercises that can all be done right at home.

Readers, how about you?  Any favorite gym activities that you’ve been enjoying lately?

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