Hal Higdon heads to Egypt (Where are *you* headed?)

This week Bluefin mentor and all-around inspiration Hal Higdon and his wife Rose are hopping on a plane to Cairo for a once-in-a-lifetime trip across Egypt and Israel as part of an alumni event for alma mater Carleton College.  Hal will be covering their adventures over on the Training Peaks blog, where he contributes regularly through the weekly Q&A with Hal Higdon.

As an elite athlete and all-around adventuresome fellow, Hal has had a life filled with chances to travel and explore.  Even when he was young, running opened the door to many opportunities, with championship races held in major cities all over the world.

It’s one of the great things about sports.  Whether it’s an Olympic athlete packing her bags to compete on the other side of the world or a high school soccer player leaving home for the first time for a tournament upstate, athletics can lead to all sorts of opportunities that would be otherwise out of reach.

As we get older, running can still be a great way to expand horizons into new areas, exploring new places and giving us a chance (or even just an excuse) to branch out and try new things.  Every race — whether it’s across town or across the country — has it’s own excitement and adventure.  If you’ve got a traveler’s spirit, think about how you can use running as a catalyst to do new things and visit new places.  It can be immensely rewarding and help push you to places and situations that might otherwise pass you by.

For a little inspiration, be sure to follow Hal through his upcoming journey and consider checking out our post about finding races near and far to set sights on your next adventure.

Happy running and safe travels, Hal!

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