Keep out of a rut with a change of venue

Ever run when you’re away from home? If you haven’t, try it next time you get a chance. The change of scenery can be downright refreshing, helping you enjoy running in a completely fresh way and remember there’s a whole world of routes out there (aside from the ones that start and end at your front step).

A huge part of being a successful runner long-term is avoiding training ruts and boredom. One way to do that is to regularly change up your running route. Here are four quick and easy ways to mix things up with a minimum of inconvenience.

Leave from work. The great thing about starting a run from work is that you’re already there. At the end of the day, change into your running gear and hit the pavement. You’ll have a chance to run in a whole new neighborhood and be done with your workout much earlier than if you try to squeeze it in during the evening hours.

Take a drive. Unless you’re The Flash, even a quick five-minute drive can get you into a whole new area that you’d never reach on foot. Don’t be afraid to be a tourist in your own town by shopping around for different jumping off points for your runs. Try trailheads, a college campus, or even just a different neighborhood.

Meet a friend. If you have running buddies, there’s a good chance that they have different go-to running spots than you do. Be social and arrange to meet in their ‘hood’ from time to time, be sure to return the favor by taking them on a running tour on your turf.

Hit the gym (parking lot). If you keep your gym membership year-round, consider popping over there even when the weather is nice. Don’t head for the treadmill or indoor track, though. Instead just go for an outdoor run that starts and ends in the gym parking lot. Hit the showers when you’re done for a convenient, self-contained workout that leaves you ready to get back to your day.

What about you guys? Any favorite running routes aside from the one right outside your front door?

2 responses to “Keep out of a rut with a change of venue

  1. I run on the golf cart path of a golf course near me early in the morning. It’s slightly hilly and smells wonderful!

  2. The beauty of running is that you can step outside your door and just run. But I agree, this can become boring and uneventful. Great advice!

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