Stay tuned, win stuff

It’s an exciting time for Bluefin! We continue to be blown away by the fantastic things people are doing with our apps and amazed at how many of you are out there making things happen and working through training programs.

You’ve posted your progress on Facebook and Twitter, told your friends about the apps, and shared success stories that have inspired us all.  Our 2012 sponsored athletes are two fantastic individuals, but to be honest they are simply two awesome cases among many, many incredible examples.

As the year goes on and running season enters full swing, we want to keep the momentum going with some fun giveaways and special promotions that will play out here on the blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re hoping you’ll keep in touch with us, tell us what you think, and help us spread the word about Bluefin.

So keep an eye out in the weeks ahead.  We’ll be giving away some great prizes, including apps and iTunes gift cards, just for doing simple things like interacting on the blog and helping us reach more runners (and potential runners) elsewhere online.

Stay tuned, everyone — April is going to be fun!

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