Winners! (And a Sneak Peak at our next contest.)

To everyone who has subscribed to the blog, thank you and welcome!  You’ll get new posts sent right to your inbox (usually about three a week) and stay on top of the latest Bluefin news and events.  And for those of you who were looking for a little incentive beyond having lots of fun, practical running content lovingly delivered to your inbox: here are the five lucky subscribers who have just earned themselves a $10 iTunes card:



Thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to our lucky five.  To claim your prize please email

Didn’t win?  Don’t worry!

We’ve got lots more planned for the weeks ahead.  Keep an eye out for additional giveaways as we start to dish out more iTunes cash as well as Bluefin apps and other goodies.  We’re excited to be promoting the blog and have some fun ideas in store.

Sneak Peak: Running Tips Giveaway

For our first giveaway, we let you off easy with entries from simply subscribing to the blog.  The next time around we’ll be upping the ante, asking you to share your best running tips for a reader-submitted compilation we’ll be putting together.  Don’t worry, we’ll be upping the prize package accordingly.

You guys are the best!  Thanks for the support and stay tuned for more details!

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