Beyond the fanny pack (gear management for runners)

Depending on the logistics of your run, you may or may not have a lot of stuff along for the ride: think phone, music player, house/car keys…whatever. Running with this kind of thing can be a challenge, especially as the weather gets warm and you start shedding layers (and thus losing pockets). Whether you’re doing a trail run and need to keep your car keys handy or are just going around the block but don’t want to accidentally send your phone sailing down the sidewalk, here are some ideas for keeping your things safe and secure.

The shoe wallet. A shoe wallet is a handy little pouch that attaches right to the top of your foot. It’s usually enough to hold a key or two, plus ID, extra cash, or anything like that. The nice thing about it is that you don’t have anything bouncing around as you run and unless you feel the need to bring along $20 in parking meter change, you won’t even notice it’s there.

A lanyard. If you don’t have a lot to carry — like maybe just a key to get back into your car after your run, a lanyard can do the trick. You can even get one with an attached pouch to carry your ID or other small items you might need. Depending on your running style, you might have to experiment with wearing it around your neck vs. in your hand or inside your shirt vs. on top.

Fanny pack 2.0 Okay, we know a fanny pack is nobody’s favorite accessory, running or not. But you have to admit, they are pretty darn practical. A product like the SPIbelt can give you the functionality of a fanny pack with a much more sophisticated design created especially for athletes. There are a bunch of different versions available, depending on what you need and what you’ll find comfortable.

Plus…the really good news is that starting next week you’ll have the opportunity to win one for yourself! Stay tuned for more details, with our next contest kicking off Monday!

One response to “Beyond the fanny pack (gear management for runners)

  1. I’ve found that a lot of workout gear is starting to add small zipper pockets – enough for keys and maybe an ID (seen mostly at Old Navy, but they’ve gotta be taking a hint from someone). Lululemon also carries a reflective wristlet that has an inside pocket for IDs & credit cards.

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