Share your running tips — finalists announced!

We asked for it and you gave it to us!  Last week we saw dozens of submissions come in as a response to our call for reader-submitted running tips.  And even though we threw a couple of prizes into the mix, we know that plenty of you are just as eager to share your running wisdom with or without an incentive.

Either way, our tough task last night was to dig through all of your great submissions and pick out a handful to move on to be considered for the top prize.  Each submission listed below will receive their choice of a Bluefin app for iOS, with the top vote-getter later this week earning a SPIbelt of their choice.

Voting will open up on Wednesday and close Friday, so start thinking about which of these tips should take the top prize.  Finally, thanks so much to everyone who participated.  You guys are the best and there wasn’t a single tip submitted that we wouldn’t be proud to pass around our running circles.

In no particular order…here are our top picks, selected from each of the three submission categories!  (Some edited for brevity — sorry, guys!)

Get good socks!

~ from revbeaux

On the days that I don’t have a good run, I remind myself that I just lapped everyone on the couch.

~ from Jennifer McDougal

After your run, post your successes (or failures) in your status update. Nothing beats the support from your family and friends.

~ from Jim Williams

Having trouble getting up the oomph to actually run? Remind yourself that all you have to do is close the front door behind you, ready to run; everything else will follow.

~ from Tonya

As a running newbie, make sure you set some kind of goal and find a plan that fits your needs to follow. Having those sessions laid out for me made sticking with the runs so much easier!

~ from vyvienn

So there you have it!  Again, thanks to everyone who submitted and I hope you’ll all weigh in on Wednesday when we open up the voting round.  To keep things interesting, we’ll have some prizes to dish out that you can win just by voting.  Enjoy and good luck!

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