What’s your long run?

We’ve designed our programs to help you get from point A to point B, whether that’s from couch potato to 5k athlete or from wherever else you may be to a 10k,  a half marathon, or even a full 26.2 miles.  As we mature as runners and get more fitness and experience under our belts, we usually start to layer in some additional workouts that, training plan aside, are just good for your  fitness in general.

A weekly long run can be one of those workouts.

No matter how fast you get or how intense your everyday workouts become, there are huge benefits to making time for a solid, moderately-paced run (often the last workout of the week).

This isn’t a time when you go out to set a personal best or impress the neighbors with your interval speeds.  It’s a time to put the cruise control on, let your mind wander, and log some steady miles with good form and low intensity.

Why’s that so important?

When you do challenging interval work — burning muscles, heavy breathing, music cranked — you are definitely making your body stronger and becoming a faster runner.  What longer, lower intensity work can do is help you build a good cardiovascular base that will serve you well in the long term and help your body perform better during your higher intensity training.

Making time at the end of the week for a long easy run can help you flush out any soreness built up over the week and help you start the new week fresh and energized.  You’ll also be improving your cardio and helping your body recover more efficiency overall.

And if that isn’t enough reason to get you out there, a longer, no pressure run can be downright relaxing , too.  Give it a try this week (start planning for it today…maybe reserving Saturday or Sunday for your long run).  Just get out there and log some miles.  And don’t worry about your time!

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