Bootcamping with a buddy

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of running in a group or with a training partner.  Have you considered doing the same for your Bootcamp workouts?

(For the uninitiated, Bootcamp is our circuit training app that guides you through  standard or custom circuit workouts just like our other apps do for your runs.)

It might not seem like an ideal group activity, with everyone plugged into their headphones and jumping from exercise to exercise, but there are a couple of ways to run a great group Bootcamp session that’s both fun and motivational.

Here are some thoughts:

Follow the leader.  Even if just one person in your group has the app running (It’s you, isn’t it?  We bet it’s you.) and wants to take lead, then everyone else can take their cues from there.  Put the leader out front where everyone can see and have him or her call out the transitions for the group.  Make sure everyone knows which exercise is next.

Share the audio.  Even if everyone has the app, it isn’t always practical to sync everyone up to run the workouts independently.  There are a couple of ways to share the audio without using headphones that will let everyone follow along.  Plug your device into the AUX jack or docking station of your stereo and everyone should be able to hear just fine.

Geeky bonus approach: If you have a newer iPad with mirroring set up on your TV, you can actually stream the bootcamp display along with the audio for everyone to see!

Collaborate on a custom workout.  A great way to make your circuit work fun is to use Bootcamp to work together and create a custom workout.  On the Home screen, tap “New Workout” and let the first person in your group drag and drop one exercise into the “Workout” area.  Pass the device until everyone has contributed one or more exercises (keep going until you reach an agreed-upon length) and then fire up your workout and do it together.

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