Four ways to share the love

While it’s true that, at a glance, runners can appear to be solitary creatures, we also tend to enjoy spreading the good word about the sport.  From favorite races to running tips to training programs, runners love to talk shop.  We like to think Bluefin programs bring something unique to the conversation, but it’s our regular users who typically spread the word better than we ever could.

If you’re a believer and are looking to share some Bluefin love, here are four easy ways to do it.

Share your progress.  All of our apps integrate Facebook and Twitter, allowing you to easily broadcast your training results after each workout.  Posting your progress will not only help motivate you, but it can get your friends and followers motivated as well.  Seeing your success week after week just might inspire a couch potato or two to step up to the plate.

Choose a race together.  Take a look at the calendar with your potential training buddy and show how with a few workouts a week they can be race-ready in plenty of time for the big day.  You don’t necessarily have to run together, but following the same program week to week can give you both some support.

Be generous.  In the grand scheme of things, most apps make for pretty inexpensive gifts and setting a friend or loved one up with just the right one can really make an impact.  If you know someone whose been trying to get going with a training program but just hadn’t managed to pull the trigger, getting them set up could be just the push they need.

Raise the bar with your running group.  If you have a circle of running buddies, help motivate the group to build speed and distance with a Bluefin program.  If, for example, they’re pretty confident 5k runners, suggest that the team start working through Bridge to 10k.  Even serious runners run the risk of falling into a training rut and continuing to push for longer, tougher races is a great way to keep moving forward.

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