The real deal on footwear for runners.

A runner in New York is upset with (translation: suing) Adidas, claiming that he was “duped about the potential fitness benefits” of a new shoe designed to mimic barefoot running.  You might remember a similar shoe controversy when consumers were awarded a multi-million dollar settlement from Sketcher’s over the company’s claims about their funky Shape-up line.

These are obviously a couple of pretty extreme cases, but they both point to something very important for runners: be realistic with your expectations when it comes to shoes (or any other piece of fitness equipment for that matter).

Yes, choosing the right shoe is important and can have a big impact on your training.  But know, the newest or most expensive footwear on the planet isn’t going to make a radical difference in your performance.  You’re still the one doing the work.

If you’re in the market for new shoes or are just exploring the possibility of trying something a little more radical than a traditional pair, we’ve pulled a couple of old posts out of the archives for you.  These don’t cover space-age technology or the newest super-shoe — just the basics of shoe selection that matter to serious runners.

If you’re interested in what’s on your feet, take a moment to check out last Summer’s post “What shoes should I wear…”  For general tips on taking good care of the ones you have, take a look at “How to treat your running shoes right.

And by all means, if you do find yourself with a shoe you feel strongly about (good or bad), please let us know about it.  We’re always curious about what people are using out there!

One response to “The real deal on footwear for runners.

  1. Thanks for posting the links on what shoes to wear. It’ll help me a lot because I really don’t know how to distinguish between shoes made for running or jogging and other kinds of shoes. Sometimes I just don’t care if what I’m wearing is the right pair of running shoes or a pair of ecco golf kicks (trust me, I’m no expert on shoes).

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