Coming Soon: RunHelper – Your Bluefin Data; All in one place

Are you a data junkie?  Do you take pride in scrolling through your completed workouts and admiring your progress as it unfolds from week to week?

We know that a lot of our users would like to take their training data beyond their mobile devices and dive deeper than ever before.  That’s why we’re excited to be launching RunHelper, a new Bluefin service that lets you consolidate your training in one secure, easy-to-access place.

Sounds great.  What’s next?

We’ll be launching the new RunHelper site in the next few weeks.  Subscriptions will be available via in-app purchase through supported Bluefin apps for iOS — Ease into 5K, Bridge to 10K, Ease into 10K, Power Walk, and Hal Higdon.  Support for Android apps will follow soon after the website launch.

If that sounds awesome to you, we need your help spreading the word. In exchange for your help, we are doing a promotion where we’ll be giving away 50 (fifty) 3-month subscriptions to RunHelper.

Here’s how to participate:

  1. Sign up to be notified when RunHelper launches.
  2. Use the special link you will receive to share the news with your friends online.
  3. Every person who signs-up to be notified with your link will be counted as an extra giveaway entry for you.

On the day of the RunHelper launch, we will randomly select 50 winners and notify you via the email. For example, if you refer two friends you will have three entries in the giveaway (one for signing-up yourself and the other two for your friends).

Stay tuned to the blog for launch date, features and promotion winners.

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