RunHelper Preview: Share your workout details

RunHelper is coming soon!  As we prepare to go live, we’ll be using the blog to share some of the exciting features of the new service and give everyone an idea of what’s to come.  Today we’re talking about sharing workout details…another way for you to share you progress and stay accountable.

We’ve talked before about how much good can come from sharing your training progress online.  For a lot of us, Facebook and Twitter have become big parts of our day-to-day routine, documenting everything from good food to bad  TV.

With RunHelper, you’ll be able to easily post your workout detail screens for your digital friends, giving your immediate network a chance to see what you’re up to.  Sometimes putting yourself out there a little bit is just what it takes to stay accountable to your friends and family…and ultimately yourself.  After all, once you’re established as someone who doesn’t blow off a workout, you might think twice about skipping that run after a tough day.

And if you want to share your info more privately?  You can e-mail workout details, too.  It’s all part of our mission to help you manage your training and bring your fitness to the next level.

Have you signed up yet?

If you haven’t already, sign up to be notified when RunHelper launches and get regular updates with more details on all the great features in the works.  You’ll also get a special link that you can use to share with your friends for a chance to win one of 50 subscriptions we’re giving away to celebrate the launch.

Stay tuned!

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