Join a CSA and up your nutritional game with local produce

Eating right can be a challenge.  Even if you’re doing a pretty good job of watching your calories and focusing on the good stuff, certain parts of an optimal running diet — especially vegetables — can fall through the cracks.

Some of us just aren’t big veggie fans to begin with and others are just caught in the same old frozen rut (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, repeat).  Either way, it can be tough to keep vegetables interesting when you’re always cooking up the same old stuff.

Joining a CSA can help you turn the day’s veggies from a so-so side dish into the highlight of your meal.  When you’re part of a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), you basically buy a “share” of one or more local farms.  You pay a weekly or monthly fee and as they harvest their crops,  you get an allotted amount of super-fresh, seasonally-appropriate produce, often dropped right on your doorstep.

CSAs will often deal in vegetables and other goodies that you might not even think of at the grocery store — think beets, gourds, or okra.  When great recipes and meal ideas are just a Google search away, having a variety of starter ingredients showing up in your kitchen on a regular basis can really expand your culinary horizons.

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