10 Ways to Bootcamp

Back during New Year’s Resolution season, we talked about how much runners can benefit from working circuit training (like our Bootcamp app) into their training program.  That said…one thing we can’t help but admit is that it’s hard enough to find time to run without worrying about finding time to Bootcamp.  

Well it turns out that it may be easier than you think.  Here are ten (10!) ideas for squeezing a quick Bootcamp workout into your busy schedule.

  1. First thing in the morning.  Yes, we know this is one of those “easier said than done” things, but even if you’ve struggled to run in the morning, you may find that Bootcamp comes a little easier in the wee hours.  You can stay inside and don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing.  Roll out of bed and make it happen.
  2. Before bed.  When you’re winding down for the day, lacing up your sneakers and jogging off into the night might not be realistic, but pounding out a quick Bootcamp circuit may be just the ticket.  Give it a shot, especially if the day gets away from you and didn’t get to run.
  3. Before any shower.  Getting showered, dried off, and dressed can  be kind of a chore and is often the deal-breaker in getting a workout in during the day.  But if you’re headed to the shower anyway — in the morning, after work, whatever your routine may be — you might as well get sweaty beforehand.
  4. After work.  Work can be stressful and chances are you have some kind of wind-down routine that helps you make the transition into being home for the evening.  Powering through an intense workout can a great way to let go of stress and set your mind on relaxation.  Try hitting the gym on your way home or doing your circuit work as soon as you get home for the day.
  5. During lunch. If you have access to showers during the day (at home, at work, at the gym), chances are you have time during your lunch hour to to a Bootcamp routine, cool down, and get cleaned up.  Try sneaking a workout in at lunch a few times a week and pay attention to what it does for your energy level and general attitude for the rest of the day.
  6. Before dinner.  Depending on your particular schedule, you might find yourself dealing with an awkward space of time between the end of your work day and the beginning of dinner.  Don’t let that time slip away.  Bootcamp!
  7. After dinner.  Okay, working out might not seem like a delightful idea right after a big meal, but you might find that Bootcamp treats you a little better than running when it comes to post-meal training activities   Give your food a little time to settle and then reenergize with some circuit work.
  8. On the weekend. Even if you just aim for one circuit workout a week, you can still see substantial benefits.  If you run all week long, consider taking the weekend off from pavement pounding but staying active with circuit work instead.
  9. After your run. You’re more than warmed up.  You’re already sweaty.  You’ve already conquered the big motivational hurdle of getting off the couch in the first place.  Finish off your workout right by adding a circuit.  It won’t add that much time and will keep you from having to find another time to do a dedicated session.
  10. When you’re feeling burned out.  This is huge.  If you ever feel like you’re hitting the wall with your running, don’t let yourself end up off track because you aren’t feeling motivated to run.  Reset your brain by giving running a rest but stay active with a circuit.  You might even spend a week staying off the road altogether — whatever you need.

The bottom line is that adding circuit training to your fitness arsenal is a great way to build strength and ultimately make you a better runner.  Even if you just keep it in the back of your mind for occasional cross-training, we think it’s well worth adding to your stable of fitness apps.  

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