4 Tips to Stay Disaster Free this Holiday Season!

Yes, there are all kinds of disasters that can happen over the holidays. Such as, under baking the Turkey, running out of cranberry sauce and stuffing, and having your garbage disposal decide not to work (this has happened to my mom, what a mess). Putting all that aside, what I wanted to share is the disaster of overeating over the holidays and how you can avoid that so you don’t skip out on training.

Here are a 4 tips to help you tackle the holiday food fare, disaster free.

  1. Drink plenty of water. When you stay well hydrated your body flushes out toxins quicker, gives you more energy, prepares you for your run, and helps you feel fuller before even eating.
  2. Fill your plate once and decide that you don’t need to go for seconds. There will be plenty of left overs. So if you’re still hungry in an hour or two the food will still be there for you. Odds are you won’t need it. When you select what goes on your plate. Make sure you choose the best choices available (i.e. salad, white meat).
  3. Eat your meal slowly. The holidays are a time to celebrate and bond with family. You’ll find that while talking with Aunt Sue and eating slowly you’ll feel full much quicker then gobbling down your plate. Make sure you listen to your body when it says it is enough.
  4. Dessert dessert dessert. Who can say no to pie? I can’t, no one should either.  That’s right, have dessert. Here’s the catch, have just one slice. Choose the dessert that you love the most!!! Put it on your plate, and then back away. Again, enjoy and savor it just like you did the meal.

Well, there you have it. Holidays are fun and should be enjoyed by everyone runner or not. Knowing how to navigate the table to work towards your health goals is up to you. Remind yourself that avoiding the deep sleepy slumber that is usually associated with Thanksgiving dinner, will help keep you strong and motivated to complete your training. Good luck and enjoy!

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