RunHelper Free, a full featured GPS run tracker app

After graduating from our training plans many of you continue running to maintain your newly acquired fitness level. We set out to build a perfect app for logging your runs. RunHelper Free is a GPS tracker that lets you choose your distance, alerts you when you’ve reached it, keeps track of all your running stats, and much more.

Super simple to use

Open the app and press the “Start Run” button and you are on your way. Want to run a different distance? No problem. Select a new distance on the same screen with just a few flicks of your finger.


If you’ve trained with one of our apps, you will feel right at home with RunHelper Free. All the features you’ve come to love in Bluefin apps are here:
• Simple and beautiful design
• Half Way Point audio alert
• Easy to read Workout Screen
• Workout Journal
• Integrated Music
• GPS Tracking

Earns you points

Sign up for RunHelper Connect and earn points for each workout you do. Need a little extra motivation? You’ve got it! Unlock Achievements to earn bonus points and receive trophies for your virtual trophy case.

Download it Now

RunHelper Free

Free on the App Store

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