How to Boost Your Mental Strength

Sport is not just about physical challenge but also a psychological battle. Anxiety and stress are factors that cause muscle tension and therefore have negative effects on performance. There are various ways you can improve your sports performance. One of the secrets is boosting your mental strength.

Here are ways to develop mental strength:

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Be Positive

Focus on positivity because negative thoughts will only make you think that you are not good enough and will distract you in achieving your goals. Therefore put your energy on good thoughts.  Remember, if you use running mantras – be sure that all the words in your mantra are positive.


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Step out of your comfort zone

Be aware of what is outside your comfort zone. Be specific and identify how stepping out will benefit you. Getting out of your comfort zone can be challenging sometimes but keep in mind that once you successfully step out of the comfort zone, it gets easier over time. Take this as a challenge that can help you perform at your peak.


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Visualize the best outcome

Visualization is also known as mental imagery. Did you know that 99% of Olympic athletes practice visualization? Athletes have been using this technique since 1960. When visualizing, be very clear and as detailed as possible. Imagine yourself participating marathon races, surrounded by thousands of runners – capture that moment and envision how you feel, imagine the sound, sight, scent, taste and touch (all 5 senses). Visualize your run and picture yourself successfully completing the race.

The advantage of visualization helps improve your confidence and can subconsciously improve your belief in yourself and your abilities. This technique also helps you to be mentally ready for the race and builds mental toughness.

2 responses to “How to Boost Your Mental Strength

  1. It is important that you have a strong mental health and one way to achieve it is to become active. It is great especially for athletes to be competitive in the whole run.

  2. ” step out of comfor zone ” this is a special sentences for me to have a brave keep my big dream

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