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Five ways to miss your next run

Nobody likes missing a workout. But even so, there are a bunch of things we do all the time that are setting us up for just that. Here are five common culprits that might seem like no big deal but can in fact lead to your next missed run. Continue Reading

Keep out of a rut with a change of venue

Ever run when you’re away from home? If you haven’t, try it next time you get a chance. The change of scenery can be downright refreshing, helping you enjoy running in a completely fresh way and remember there’s a whole world of routes out there (aside from the ones that start and end at your front step).

A huge part of being a successful runner long-term is avoiding training ruts and boredom. One way to do that is to regularly change up your running route. Here are four quick and easy ways to mix things up with a minimum of inconvenience. Continue Reading

Spring Fever Checklist: Grab an app?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you already realize what a difference your phone or iPod can make when it comes to getting fit.  Our approach is designed not just to get you from one fitness level to another, but to do it from the palm of your hand, keeping you on track and motivating you along the way.

As Spring approaches, consider making a small purchase or two to up your game for the coming running season.  Here are three ideas. Continue Reading

Runner’s Club: 4 Fun Ideas for Your Next Group Run

If running with a partner can be tricky, trying to figure out a fun, effective group run can be downright intimidating.  Especially if you have a wide range of speed and fitness levels, trying to find a workout that works for everybody (and doesn’t deteriorate into a handful of people doing their own thing) is often a challenge.

Here are four fun runs that will push the whole group without leaving anyone behind. Continue Reading

Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend: Running the Day After

With Saint Patrick’s Day tomorrow (and falling on a weekend, no less), lots of folks are gearing up for more than a typical dose of merriment.  This is a holiday where even the most mild-mannered out there sometimes take celebration to the extreme, meaning on Sunday morning there will surely be plenty of folks out there paying the price for having a year’s worth of fun in about 8 hours.

If this sounds like you – or if you just want to have a night out without wrecking your workouts for the week – here are some tips for bouncing back and take advantage of Sunday as one more great chance to go for a run. Continue Reading

Some running buddies are made, not born. Five ways to do it.

We’ve talked a lot about the benefits of training with a running partner, but sometimes it’s tricky to find someone who is ready, willing, and able to be your go-to running buddy.  And often, there are cases when you’ve got just the right person – great attitude, good rapport, easy to get along with — except for one nagging little problem: they don’t run.

Well let’s get them started!  Here are some tips on turning your everyday buddy into a running buddy. Continue Reading

The Little Things: Tackling the laundry pile

When it comes to working out regularly, sometimes it’s the little things that knock us off track – a rainy day, an unconscious tap of the Snooze, a pile of dirty workout clothes. By themselves, these wouldn’t be a big deal, but when they catch you on a day when you’re a little sluggish or are feeling your motivation slip, they can be the last straw.

The better job you do keeping the little things little, the more successful you’ll be at working out consistently. Since athletes tend to burn through dirty clothes week in and week out, today we’re starting with how to keep your workout clothes clean and ready for your next run. Continue Reading

Spring Fever Checklist: Upper Body Tuning

Before we know it, the Spring running season will be here and those of us who have been chased inside by the cold will venture back into real world training, all squinty and happy.  Our forward-looking Spring Fever Checklist series will give you some things to think about between now and then.  

We’re kicking off the Checklist with a post about Upper Body Training for two reasons: (1) the upper body is both important and often neglected as part of a runner’s form and (2) now is a great time to do something about it.

We’ve talked about it before.  Running with poor form makes you feel less comfortable, fatigue more quickly, and cover less ground.  Now obviously, your lower body is the business end of running, but there are also plenty of upper body pitfalls that can rob you of your speed for no good reason. Continue Reading

Hal Higdon heads to Egypt (Where are *you* headed?)

This week Bluefin mentor and all-around inspiration Hal Higdon and his wife Rose are hopping on a plane to Cairo for a once-in-a-lifetime trip across Egypt and Israel as part of an alumni event for alma mater Carleton College.  Hal will be covering their adventures over on the Training Peaks blog, where he contributes regularly through the weekly Q&A with Hal Higdon.

As an elite athlete and all-around adventuresome fellow, Hal has had a life filled with chances to travel and explore.  Even when he was young, running opened the door to many opportunities, with championship races held in major cities all over the world. Continue Reading

Treadmill 2.0

Last week we talked about how to take advantage of nice days and get the heck away from the treadmill.  Today we’ll cover a few ways to keep the time you DO have to spend on the treadmill both interesting and beneficial.

It’s easy to just be a hamster on a wheel, plugging away for mile after mile doing the same workout, at the same pace, probably with the same blank expression on your face.  Here are five ways to mix it up. Continue Reading